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Friend and co-worker Paul has been sending me links to this OZ based autoblog called Jalopnik, so I thought I’d show them to you.

First up, without following this link, take a guess at where the body for this T-Bucket style roadster came from

Kind of surprising, yes?

Secondly, and probably more to the tastes of RNS regulars, the site hosted a Ten Best Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles poll and had more than a few choices I had never even heard of.

Trying to stay close to reality, instead of just a Zombiepocalypse frame of mind, I’m choosing this Volvo C303


Although, even more in reality, though without the ground clearance or hauling capacity, the third available choice looks mighty good too.

So go check out Japlonik. You’ll prolly find something very interesting there.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    Hmmmm….no military chassis in there, except that one based on the Oshkosh M100. Pity, because with runable versions of the M35 Deuce going for at most $5000 and under $15,00 fully restored, removing the box and bolting down a commo van (which can be purchased separately, and they were made for service like this) gives you high mobility for not too much money, and the sturdy all-fuel Cummins engine is bullet-proof.

    Short of that, I would look for an ex-military one-ton dually 4X4 ambulance, most were Fords with 460s. Plenty of carrying capacity, 4X4, heavy-duty electrical supply bus already installed, large tank, built-in storage as it comes, reasonable comfort. With some lift kits and chassis work, it could be quite the SHTF vehicle. Last one of these I saw went for about $1500, and didn’t have 10K miles on it.

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