While we’re all waiting to exercise our rights against the tyranny of evil government

JenniferLopez2.jpghie thee on over to Squeaky’s place for a reminder that long before any reset button comes nigh to being pushed, the Second Amendment will be helping thousands of women escape the personal and individual traumas of the tyranny of evil men.

For years now, Michael Bane’s been shouting into the wind that the winning argument in popular culture for the Second Amendment is neither hunting nor the right to revolt, but personal protection — especially for women.

I think popular culture’s finally starting to get the idea. But the more women with Molon Labe tattoos out there, the closer “guns are equalizers” is to being seen as conventional wisdom.

Brava, Squeaky.

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2 Responses to While we’re all waiting to exercise our rights against the tyranny of evil government

  1. Rivrdog says:

    The Second Amendment is fine to discuss, David, but it is a sad fact that women at risk from vengeful men are now taught to carry whistles, blow them while their tormentors approach, and depend that somehow, someone hears the whistle and calls the police, who will arrive just in time to save her virtue and/or life.

    Just as the Government requires those marketing protective health remedies to us to prove the efficacy of those remedies, a fair Government would require the purveyors of that idiot philosophy (taught on EVERY public University campus to ALL incoming freshmen women) to prove it’s efficacy in real life. My guess is that it’s less than 5%, and that’s an educated guess based on a career in police work.

    OTOH, when an armed woman is confronted by a male tormentor, the efficacy of HER defense rises to over 80% (another educated guess, but it’s probably conservative).

    What our public universities are telling these women is that because of the schools’ institutional dislike of weapons, the women must put up with violence to their bodies. BTW, at this same lecture (for which I used to have the notes), the women are told that one out of three of them will be raped during their 4 years on campus. Yes, that’s a bogus statistic, but it’s what the ladies are told at the frosh campus orientation.

    Let’s sum it up: young girl goes to college to improve her lot in life, is told that there is a violence against women issue there that the Government can’t control, is given a “rescue device” which almost never works to summon rescue, and is refused permission to have a much better solution to her new problem, because the Government doesn’t like that solution, even though that same Government is legally bound by it.

    Now, if you just arrived from Planet Zarkon as Ambassador to Earth, and you were going to send your daughter to such a University to study the ways of Earthlings, would you be impressed by this Government, which loudly professes to be in charge of the Home of the Free?

    Plaintiff rests, Counselor.

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