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The MadRocketScientist posts “And I Carry Concealed” and earns a spot on top of RNS for the day because it is that good.

Go. Now. Read.

(and then come on back)

In other top of the page announcements, The Soundboard will be up tomorrow, in honor of the extra day.

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  1. BTW, since I live just a bit North of you (Everett), feel free to let me know if I have an error in there regarding the rules we live under for CPL.

    And thanks for the link =)

  2. Phil says:

    Planning on dominating the world from Everett? I suppose that since you have a nuclear Naval port right there, its not such a bad place to start.

    I saw nothing I could or should suggest you change.

    One of these days, we’ll have to have a Blastorama at Sam’s.

  3. Rivrdog says:

    I second the Blasto. BTW, I’ll be on the road for the entire month of March. Bucket List Trip, c ya later. Will be visting as many gunnies as I can find to take me in, and as many gun stores too. If anyone has anything with big shipping charges they need (lead bullets, other ammo come to mind), I’ll have an entire pickup to myself to transport such goods back to the NW. I’ll be stopping in AZ, TX, LA, KS, SD, MT and ID, to name the rough route.

    Anyone with any suggestions of commercial bullet-casters near to that route send me info to my road addy: [email protected]

  4. Oh, Everett is just the mailing address for my World Empire. Even Mad Scientists have to have somewhere to get their junk mail.

    As for Sam’s, anytime! I was there last night taking a friend shooting for the first time. A thing to note, if your friend is a new shooter still suffering a bit of PTSD from a bad auto wreck, go to an outdoor range! The sound and smell of gunfire is spot on for the sound and smell of an airbag and can trigger…bad things.

    As for ammo, RIVRDOG, I recently got an M44 in need of ammo, so if you find a sweet deal on 7.62x54R and/or stripper clips, I’ll be happy to reimburse you for your trouble.

  5. DirtCrashr says:

    After you guys get that Dominatin’ the World thing working, please come down here and liberate California, you get to beat-up all the old hippies and Communists you like.

  6. Liberate California?! That’s gonna be my Penal colony, once I get enough of it snapped off and floating West. That’s how I’m gonna “Liberate California”.

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