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I’m in the Green Zone

Click this pic to make it expand. After you’re done looking at it, come back. Now, click this link to have it explained. Technically, I’m not on that map, but if I stood on my rooftop I could hit the … Continue reading

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More violent gun bigots

We’ve all discussed it, and the gunnie community is pretty much in agreement on the current theory that gun bigots want everyone disarmed is that they believe we are as mentally out of control of our emotions as they are. … Continue reading

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What are they getting at?

There has been a whole lotta hoopla over on the leftosphere about the lack of pat down searches at Obama events. So much so that their pals in the MSM have taken notice. The only reason I can think of … Continue reading

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Know anyone with international sailing law experience?

I think there may be some clients in Japan for them Anti-whaling activists from the hard-line Sea Shepherd Conservation Society admitted Monday to bugging Japan’s whaling fleet with high-tech tracking devices in order to run them down. Sea Shepherd’s vessel … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/26/08

An armed society is a polite society. They all were very polite – as people are prone to be around so many guns. Peter Bronson From this story of Bronson’s first gun show, printed in the Cincinnatti Enquirer. Found @ … Continue reading

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The Root of the Problem

Ian Welsh, frontpager at FireDogLake blog, shows his ignorance of how money moves around. After blather on and on about why “The Rich” should have their taxes increased, he closes his post with this line. Everyone can be prosperous. But … Continue reading

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