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It’s Over Now, The Music of the Night

Lon Chaney, Sr. (left), as the Phantom; a suitably excited Natalie Portman (right), as Ms. Christine Daae. I know, I know, infantile and cruel, but I couldn’t pass it up. To cruelly mix another metaphor, it ain’t over quite yet … Continue reading

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Sunspots Like Rubber Bands

Kewel analogy: I’ve alway’s likened a sunspot to what happens with a rubber band on a toy balsa wood plane. You keep twisting the propeller beyond the normal tightness to get that extra second of thrust and you see the … Continue reading

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Students for the Second Amendment

That is their name. Here is their website. Found via Ahab In a similar vein, Murdoc had a link to this Newsweek interview with W. Scott Lewis of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus at GunPundit the other day. Both … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/20/08

While I don’t agree with Gillespie’s words prior to these, I wholeheartedly agree with this sentence I don’t believe in hell, but I sort of hope there is a place like it for a guy like Castro. Nick Gillespe Personally, … Continue reading

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The Three R’s

Reading, Writing and…Rubbing? Schools cut deals with abusive teachers It would take months for the agency that licenses Oregon teachers to discipline a Salem-area teacher for inappropriately touching at least eight girls. To get Kenneth John Cushing, then 44, away … Continue reading

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