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Day Over

Voting in the WA Primary: Done Castro: Stepping Down Dow Jones: Up Price of Oil: Dropping slowly after an early rise My work is done here. Off to bed.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/19/08

Christopher Hitchens agreeing with Bob1’s comment yesterday Do you ever wonder what is the greatest enemy of the free press? One might mention a few conspicuous foes, such as the state censor, the monopolistic proprietor, the advertiser who wants either … Continue reading

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I missed this over the weekend

So I thought you might have too. Mary Mitchell has a way to stop psychopathic mass murderers: Coronate Barack Obama immediately! If you’re wondering why Sen. Barack Obama’s message of hope has resonated with so many voters across the country, … Continue reading

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Hyperinflating “The Fear”

When you’re doing scientific research, one very good idea would be to talk to the locals about what you’re doing and get some facts from them. Not so for the eco-socialist slouches at OSU “Dead Zones” off coast tell no … Continue reading

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Please sir, may I protest you?

I really wonder sometimes, when the leftosphere demands we be more like Europe, if this is what they mean Anti-Toll Ad Gets OK An independent UK agency on Wednesday rejected an attempt to silence a poster campaign designed to stop … Continue reading

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