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Ridin’ High

Though I’ve certainly got no wings and less than a prayer. Buddy’s back (click for super size) Before After Before After Once again, I put this Rubicon Express 3.5in Super Ride kit in. My extended slip yoke is on backorder, … Continue reading

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He’ll be the last in line

At the Dem Convention’s buffet after submitting this idea A plan introduced Thursday by U.S. Rep. Mike Ross to encourage alternative and renewable energy relies on oil drilling in Arctic wildlife lands and the Gulf of Mexico to meet its … Continue reading

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I’d have never guessed

That Hillary Clinton a part of the Republican Attack Machine From the uber-nutroots blog FireDogLake quoting HRC in a recent ABC interview I think that anyone who goes through the Republican attack machine, which I have for a number of … Continue reading

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More Veepstakes

Earlier this week I put together a list of possible McCain VP choices. He of more time and resources, John Hawkins at Right Wing News, has compiled and even more extensive list here. Check it out and research them over … Continue reading

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