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The Soundboard: Clown Shoes

As those of you who regularly stop by know, I try to theme these as best I can. Sure, sometimes I just say “Screw It” and toss something up and see if it sticks, but that is the exception more … Continue reading

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No, nothing for me today. Yes, ten days before anniversary of the start of the siege The Alamo, HRC was in El Paso pandering to illegal immigrants. Tuesday night in El Paso, after a string of bruising losses in the … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/14/08

You can go here for the context, but I though this was funny. Especially because of today’s fake holiday. And, so far anyway, orgasms have escaped government regulation, taxation and licensing, although you never know with the Democrats looking pretty … Continue reading

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Neat Gift Idea

I’ll be buying mine with my tax money. It seems fitting to me anyway. I heard about this, oddly enough, listening to the local Air America affiliate. Even more oddly, I haven’t heard anything on the right-wing stations. Seeing as … Continue reading

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