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No New Taxes for the Middle Class

Those who know more about this than I have spoken, and while I would like to agree with them, trying to figure out if they’re going to take my right or my left arm isn’t making me feel any better. … Continue reading

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Not if they keep doign that

Roto-Reuters spends many a-pixel in this article hoping that the Republican Party will lose their grip on the Miami/Cuban vote. But if this crap with Obama half-assing his excuses about his supporters lovin’ them some Che doesn’t quiet down soon, … Continue reading

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Oh Yes

They’re doing something about it. Just nothing that’ll do any good. Bill proposes “scarlet letter” for DUI’s: bright yellow license plates Sen. Mike Carrell wants everyone on the road to know who’s been caught driving drunk. He’s sponsoring a bill … Continue reading

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An In-Kind Donation?

That’s what I’d call five out of six letters being published in the Seattle Times “Letters to the Editor” section being pro-Obama. And the one that wasn’t pro-Obama wasn’t anti-Obama, it was simply more “Women deserve to be first to … Continue reading

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