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There has been a decent amount of news in the GunBlog community about recent attempts to get Ammunition Microstamping regulations passed in the various states. Jerry the Geek did a round up of them here (just click the clink and … Continue reading

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Ribbate Challenge

We’ve discussed the frogs that seemed to have recently inhabited Capital Hill here before and I offered some suggerstions of what to do with the money. Now Joe has come up with a challenge to all of you who haven’t … Continue reading

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Still Undecided: Part One

The next dilemma is thus: While McCain says he hasn’t begun thinking about this, its damn well time that should start, so who should this presumptive (R) nominee pick as his Veep? Or, more importantly: Who is he going to … Continue reading

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Still Undecided: Part Two

Last Wednesday, I asked y’all which was more dangerous The idealogue who has ideas and will stop at nothing to enact them, no mater how stupid or dangerous the ideas are, or The power hungry, but highly intelligent person who … Continue reading

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