The Ism Schisms

Richard Disney at Conservablogs found this 60+ year old cartoon.

Cap’n Ed posted it at his place.

Now you take a look. Trust me, you’ll want to show it to every leftist you know (and even those you don’t).

I Wish someone would make an updated version of it and show it in the schools.

Sadly, I can’t think of a single studio these days that would do it.

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9 Responses to The Ism Schisms

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Well, I went to school about the time that short lesson was released, and yes, things were simpler back then, and you COULD frame the discussion in simple terms like that without being accused of violating someone’s “diversity”.

  2. I am SO going to show that to as many of my friends as possible.

  3. Thanks for the link. I agree, many of these vintage videos should be shown in schools like they used to be. The fact that these videos could be seen as controversial shows how our country has changed.

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  6. haha says:

    If “an updated version” were made, how many of those freedoms could be included?

    Freedom of Speech/Peaceable Assemble has turned into a very selective permit process with “free speech zones” miles away from any actual assemble, (being videotaped by police because you’ve made yourself a suspect by exercising this freedom).

    Freedom to own property, only to be seized and resold to developers to make casinos and high rises, (with the courts stamp of approval).

    Security from unlawful search and seizure left with the drug war, but to make you feel better, government has legalized asset seizure. Carry “too much” money and its gone, no warrant necessary.

    If you can afford it your right to a public trial remains, but don’t count on an informed jury, (the way the system was designed). Jury’s have a duty to rule on both the law and the facts, but are lied to by our courts.

    Protection from cruel punishment, another easy fix, ship suspects out of country, (Maher Arar anyone?), or declare them “enemy combatants”. Via the Patriot Act II.

    The right to vote is the real winner. Most liberal states say that means the right to vote half a dozen times based on the illegal immigrant’s promise he will only vote once.

    Right to worship God your own way, ask a Branch Davidian how that worked out for them… (or was an unregistered firearm the cause of that? Hell… there goes the right to bear arms too).

    Yeah, I’d like to see an update on this too, cause, as the video says, “It is these freedoms that have made America strong.” And without them….

  7. 1894C says:

    Thanks for posting this.

    It shows what we were not so very long ago.

    Remember that the near police state that we are fast approaching was not always the case.

    As shown here, in living memory, America was once a very different place. A free society we were, a free society we can be again.

  8. Robert Hans says:

    Why should this be shown to a leftist? I certainly don’t support a liberal viewpoint, but many of the freedoms mentioned in this video have been destroyed by the current administration. This video should be shown to everyone, so they can know how great this country’s ideals were 60 years ago, and how short of those ideals it has fallen.

    Also, let’s remember the same time this video was made, blacks were still being hanged for talking to white women, and “Nigger” was a everyday, common phrase. Let’s stop with all the fucking nostalgia, please. It’s great to be nostalgic, but let’s get real.

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