The Soundboard: Post Christmas Tunian

Ahh, the after Christmas recovery.

If, like me, you could use a little light-hearted mockery of the holiday, this track is for you. Not mockery via words, mind you. But if you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if after Christmas Day all of Santa’s helpers ate rather moderately large quantities of MDMA, your answer lies in a click right below.
Mushroom Santa – Exile

From his album “ProAgonist”, which includes other kickass tracks such as “The Forever Endeavor”, “Rage is the Beautiful Light that Struck Her” and his remix of John B’s “Broken Language”. I’ve also previously posted “The Devil’s Chimney” this last summer.


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2 Responses to The Soundboard: Post Christmas Tunian

  1. DFWMTX says:

    Sweet! “the Devil’s Chimney” was an awesome track, great techno for highway driving.

  2. Ed P says:

    Wow. It appears that the 60’s must not have been good enough to me.

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