In Memorium: The Booty Eulogies

Some folks who haven’t been with RNS for the whole ride have sent in questions sine the sad news of his passing as to just how I met The Professor.

Seeing as how it is the last weekend of the year, and that I still haven’t gotten anything from any of the ladies who are on the list of eulogy submitters, I guess it would be appropriate for me to fill in the blank at this time.

It is a relatively simple story: Professor Booty was dating an ex of mine, and was reclining at her place when I stopped by to grab the last of my shit from there.


She was a psycho bitch from hell, and when he came to this conclusion himself, he made a point to contact me and let me know that she, being single again, might be calling for a hook-up.
With such an unusual gesture, I made sure that we met up and from there on it was great beer, even better tunage, a few car mods (he was pushing a Lexus GS 400 at the time) and it became somewhat of a mentor/student relationship.

I’d made a couple visits to the University over the years, but never after my wedding vows. When I made mention that I had become one of those infernal bloggers, he suggested I let him put up a couple of posts so as to class up the joint. Nukevet Neal gave me the thumbs up and the rest, as they say, is history.

I’ve been missing the guy since before I heard the news of his passing. It has been quite strange not having the weekly emails and I’m even finding myself getting misty over the lack of those calls at all hours of the night and day (he never was one for wearing a watch).

So long my good man. We’re missing you.

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  1. freddyboomboom says:

    Farewell, Professor.

    Wherever you are, may you have fair winds, and following seas!

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