If there is one thing I know about (Bandwidth Blowout)

It’s garbage.

Whether its the stuff you set out at your curb for the guys in the trucks to pick up or it is the “science” that constitutes the basis for the shrill whining of the Global Warming Death Cult and their paid liars, you need to remember that there is a reason you should keep it at arms length. And I’m not talking about the “smell” either.

Mark Philip Alger has what could be called a statisticians takedown of the information the GWDC uses to scare your children and wreck the nation’s economy.

Try not to get too overly angry with the eco-socialists; They’re just lazy and looking for the easiest way to take over your lifestyle.

Planet MusicDanny Byrd/Adrock/MC Foxy

Don’t let this stop you from downloading the track, but this but of tunage could virtually serve as the UN’s theme song. Well, except that they’d spend $1.5 Billion dollars on composing it, the copyright would be broken by the Chinese who would vote against condeming themselves for it, and of course the electricity used to power the studio where it was recorded would have to be the product of third-world child labor.

Alger link found @ 4RWWs

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