End of the Month (and Year) Bandwidth Blowout

So I’m putting my waders through their paces at the dKos Animal Farm and Petting Zoo when I run across a very strange, and more than a bit hateful, post on “Circumstances, Shmircumstances” by someone calling themselves “altruista”.

In what could be described as, well, whining to and fro, “altruista” attempts to make the case that the majority of “The Poor” are that way because the world is against them and not because they are lazy. Intermingled with that is the diarist’s notion that the rich are the true parasites of society, especially the “trust funders” and inheritors of wealth.

Apparently lost on “altruista” is that trust fund babies and the like are usually more liberal/”progressive” than even the “most royal” of the welfare queens.

So if you want to see some poorly thought out ranting against “Ayn Rand wannabes” where the poster even ingnores a reality check from a somewhat recent immigrant, then this is your link here.

The closing line is as follows:

Saying you don’t care about circumstance is like being 75 miles out to sea in a leaky boat, and saying you don’t care about water.

Caring about water would be a waste of time. I’d be caring about my ability to float and/or swim. Caring about water is a misplaced priority and would be akin to being the subject of a firing squad and worrying about that the blindfold was too tight and the cigarette wasn’t your preferred brand.

But then again, leftists could never analogize for shit.

Circumstances are and should be considered simply as obstacles or opportunities. use them or lose them.

But by far, my favorite circumstance is this one, by my three favorite Canucks.

Circumstances – Rush

There’ll be tunage tomorrow as well. A very special end of the year edition of the bandwidth blowout.

Enjoy and see you then.

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