Strange Items from the State of Oregon

So, the other day a co-worker was looking for a used tractor and asked me if I could look though my auction sites to see if anything was up for sale. I agreed and started looking though the list of local places.

As I’m swinging through the State of Oregon’s eBay site I see that they’ve gotten their most recent shipment from PDX (Portland Int’l Airport)

If’n you’re looking for a lot or two of knives, you should looksee here and here. These are what the PDX TSA take from travelers who forget what is in their pockets before they enter “PDX Security Theater”.

The State of Washington has the same deal, but you have to go to their central depot and go through the bins every other week. When I go through Canuck Customs later today, I’ll have to had remembered to dump anything shiny or sharp before I leave the house. Last time, my Gerber PocketTool attracted attention because the one knife blade locked.

My recently purchased SwissTool has two locking blades and may just cause them to shut the terminal down.

Another couple auctions that caught my attention were this one and this one.

Please, take a moment and take a look at those. They are also for sale by the State of Oregon.

Now, you know and I know what the state did to the inanimate tools that used to be connected to those pieces of wood. Someone, preferably an Oregon resident, needs to call the state and ask them why they felt the need to do that.

All you M1 Carbine lovers will notice at least two stocks. One is possibly off a Universal/Ivar Johnson model, but the other is vintage. I also see a Remingon 700 BDL short action, a Rem 700 ADL long action, a Mini-14, at least two 10-22’s, another two Winchester 94’s, a Winchester 1897 12ga and a half dozen stocks from .22LR bolties, with at least one of them being a single shot.

Somebody needs to explain.

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