RNS Landscape of the Day

Telluride. My brother’s been there; I haven’t yet.


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  1. yatalli says:

    To Hell You Ride! Used to be a great little mining and ski town way back in the day (circa 1974). Then it was “discovered” by none other than the predecessor to Outside magazine. Woe be to ye, you small towns of the west when thou doest find favor in the eyes of Outside magazine. Consider the plight of Moab, Durango, Santa Fe, Taos, Aspen, and Crested Butte. No greater affliction. Weep in sorrow for thine innocence is lost; Raped by invaders from the west and the east. In hordes they came….

    I drove Black Bear pass in early October of 1981 in a full sized pick-up truck. My buddies had jeeps and broncos which thank fully had winches. A great trip.

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