Buses Make a Perfect Day

Over at Target Rich Environment, there’s discussion of and links to some rather chilling speculation about just what Bin Laden’s boys may be planning next. Seems that if you put a bunch of discrete pieces of info together, there’s the hint of a plan to perhaps ram a whole bunch of schoolbuses full of explosives into schools, or maybe just hijack some schoolbuses full of kids. In America. Ideally, all on the same day — what AQ seems to call their “Perfect Day” — the next 9/11.
And have we trained school bus drivers on how to handle a hijacking? On what to do if a couple of young Middle Eastern males climb on to the bus and go for a ride with the kids, as apparently has already happened once? Have we started nationwide screening of bus driver applicants to filter out and identify potential terrorists? No we have not.

Seems to me if this is at all credible, we should not merely initiate a national program to screen new and existing bus drivers, and provide those who pass with additional training, we should also — oh, I don’t know — encourage them to be CCW holders? 

Of course, in California’s urban counties, CCWs are rare as hen’s teeth. So I guess we’ll have to depend on this guy: 

Dirty Harry 3.jpg

Oh wait, he’s a fictional character.

As a Californian, I’m glad my daughter’s well past school-bus age.

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