And I’m Off

I’ll be heading north today on a very large boat that looks almost exactly like this

Da Boat.JPG

I’ll not be gone forever and you’ll have to put up with me again after this weekend.

Whilst I am away, our good man David has full reign of the site and has been writing like crazy to come up with a bunch of very cool posts for y’all.

In the meantime, wish me some good weather for the week and I’ll wish you a freestanding Representative Republic until I return.

I’ve got a few of “Posts to Remember Me By” below this one today, in case I become overrun with pirates along the Inside Passage.

I’ll have tunage up for The SoundBoard on Thursday, but until then, I think this song will be accurate for me, since all opinions will be hung on the life preserver as I pass it upon entry.

I’m not talkin’ – Mose Allison

Which I’m sure will make all involved quite happy. Just a couple of good books, 4GB of tunage on the MP3 player and a few beers (a day).

And, if she can cash the check her mouth’s been writing, this one’ll be The Wife

Tequila – Stan Kenton

Margaritas, my good friends.

Have a good week and be good to each other. Let’s all be adults and I’ll see you later.

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  1. Linoge says:

    Have fun – I have heard nothing but good things about that particular line, so I am sure it will not be difficult.

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