Wagon Wednesday

The wife is a big fan of station wagons, as can be shown by her purchase of what is coming to be known as the “222 Wagon”.

I like wagons as well, I just have other priorities in my classic cars.

But there were wagons-a-plenty at the Hot Rod-A-Rama last weekend.

This 1961 Country Sedan was, as they say, Ultra Primo.


Every option that know to be available was on this car, minus the airbags, of course.

Here is a pic of a 1963 Country Sedan, just like the wife’s, except in red.


She really didn’t like the red. But otherwise she was pleased.

Here is a nice 1956 Country Sedan that, for some reason, wasn’t in the car show itself.


We found it parked along the street on our way back to the car.

Let’s see here, a 1959 Edsel wagon.


They came from the factory¬†with the moniker¬†“Villager”. Looks like this one belongs to a village full of heathens. I must visit there some day.

And here is a shot of a very glossy 1963 Mercury version of the wife’s ride.


I really dug what they did when they replaced the wood panelling.

And for you Chevy guys, I do have a pic of an Impala wagon, though I think something is missing


Stop on by tomorrow for pics of cars that wear no fenders.

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3 Responses to Wagon Wednesday

  1. Rivrdog says:

    I have a soft spot in my, errrr, heart for wagons, having gotten my first nookie in my dad’s ’54 Willys Wagon (Jeep to you youngsters).

  2. stan says:

    When are you going to have some kids to ride in that wagon? It would look better with 3 or 4 screaming kids and you two tapping your heads against those door windows.

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