The Soundboard: Pound of Sound

Week 1: First a little intro…

For the next few weeks, or at least until I venture forth to visit the coastal regions of the Great White North in October, The Soundboard will be dedicated to The Pound of Sound.

Late summer always means Jazz for me. Here in the PacNW, the days are growing noticably cooler and noticably shorter, and Labor Day Weekend usually marks our “End of Summer”, Global Warming be dammed.

When I first started listening to this genre of music, I was in the last throes of my run with high strung import cars, and I had a transition model Toyota Supra that I had turned into a mobile experimental sound platform. Having friends in the car audio trade who trade decks, speakers and amps for engine and suspension work will do this to a guy. Varying between 2kW to just over 5kW, depending on what I had in the back that week, and in this fellow’s opinion, Jazz is the perfect test music when looking for distortion at all ranges.

Long late summer drives with the roof off the car were how I usually spent my weekends back then. No where to go and 12 discs to go through before I’d head home.

Yes, I credit all of my hearing loss to these years and not to my years firing pistols and rifles or to my years of exhaust tuning.

But enough blathering, lets get to some music shall we?

The phrase “Pound of Sound” was chosen because I’ll be trying to give you 16mb of music each week. My love of the jam has given me the availability to post some lengthy tracks, some studio, some live, that should, hopefully, blow you mind.

There are a couple rules to The Pound of Sound:

First, no linking. You can send your friends over for their Pound, but I doubt my bandwidth will last if we get multiple blogs sending folks this way.

Second, just download it. Don’t link in and decide you like it and then download it. If you don’t like it, just delete it.

Todays tunage is from one of the best guitarists you’v eprobably never hear of; Grant Green.

In 1972, Mr. Green played a live show at a club called The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, CA. If I haden’t only been a few months old at the time, I’m sure I’d have loved to have attended.

There are two tracks from the disc Live at the Lighthouse that I’ll beposting the day to get you your Pound:

The Introductions by Hank Stewart (2:30)

This is so 70’s it isn’t even funny. I can picture Stewart up there in his polyester earthtone butterfly collared shirt and bell-bottomed pants with rectangle tea-shades and a funky, single gold medallion warming up the audience.

Flood in Franklin Park (15:00)

The musicians for this jam include: Grant Green – Guitar, Claude Bartee – Saxophone, Gary Coleman – Vibraphone, Shelton Laster – Hammond B3 Organ, Wilton Felder – Bass, Greg Williams – Drums, Bobbie Porter Hall – Percussion.

Hit this link or the one above to buy this album. This track isn’t even the cookinest on the disc. I was listening to “Jan Jan” last night at work and had to aburptly jettison tunage to deal with a situation. I seriously thought I had had half of my brain sucked out after hitting the stop button.

Btw: this post was brought to you late by the Tacoma Power, who lately, cannot seem to keep the juice flowing into my neighborhood for two consecutive weeks. Next week’s post will be up and running earlier, Tacoma Power willing.

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