The City of San Francisco is Denying People Their Fundamental Rights

And I’m not even talking about their gun-bigoted ways.

In October of 2005, Frisco Mayor, Chief City Philanderer and Runner-Up of that year’s Upper-Class twit of the Year contest, Gavin Newsom, declared free, city-wide Wi-Fi internet to be a Fundamental Right.

Well, nearly two years later, because government works at Glacial Speed, the deal has fallen through with the final proposed provider.

Mayor Gavin Newsom’s high-profile effort to blanket San Francisco with a free wireless Internet network died Wednesday when provider EarthLink backed out of a proposed contract with the city.

The contract, which was three years in the making, had run into snags with the Board of Supervisors, but ultimately it was undone when Atlanta-based EarthLink announced Tuesday that it no longer believed providing citywide Wi-Fi was economically viable for the company.

I’m sure, what with his politics, that if he couldmake heads literally roll, they would be.

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