Have they seen a mouse

I’m a bit disturbed by the Repub Presidential candidates not going forth and being part of the next CNN/YouTube debate.

Sure, less than 25% of the populace even bothers to watch them this early in the race, but c’mon, just like when the Dems were afraid to take part in a debate hosted by FoxNews, why are the Repubs afraid of jackass with webcam meeting up with CNN’s bias?

The same line that was used then can be applied here: If a candidate can’t take on some left-wing nutjob with a camcorder and a conspiracy theory, how are we supposed to believe they can take on Amahdinajad (or however you speel that freak’s name)?

TRex of the pathologically Lieberman-Hating FireDogLake, along with the majority of the leftie blogs are having a riot of this cowardice. Of course, he thinks that only the evangelical right will send in questions and that exposing that “base” to the nationĀ is what the candidates are afraid of.

But then again, he was sure Lamont was going to whup Lieberman’s ass too. Not too sharp that one.

Cap’n Ed suggests that a right-wing blogger committee be put together to chose which videos make the cut, but I am thinking that’ll be a waste of time and lead to unneccessary squablling on the right-o-sphere if certain folks don’t liek the questions.

Sorry y’all, but anyone afraid of getting sandbagged for a couple hours by CNN doesn’t deserve the office.

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2 Responses to Have they seen a mouse

  1. Thomas Jackson says:

    I’m not sure anyone foolish enough to submit himself to a kangaroo courrt where he will be made to look like a fool has the judgement or the intelligence to be president. But there are some who are professional masocists but this is neither a requirement nor prequisite for the job.

    Thanks but no thanks.

    And drat I was thinking of dressing up as a clown and sening in a video, I’m sure CNN will love that.

  2. DANEgerus says:

    I don’t have a snowman… so I guess I can’t ask a question.

    I blame Global Warming!

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