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OK, after trying to load this up at my GoogleVid account, only to find repeated “server error” message, then trying to do the same at YouTube, with the same crappy result, I have successfully loaded some of the video of … Continue reading

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This isn’t going to help

And, in fact, it is probably going to do a whole lot of harm. To add to the mortgage meltdown miseries, the credit panic, the plunging home sales and the rising foreclosures, here’s a new worry: a proposed cutoff of … Continue reading

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During a visit to Albuquerque N.M by President Bush, one of the local officers¬†participating¬†in the motorcade dies when his motorcycle hits a large, and presumably very heavy,¬†stationary object at a high rate of speed. Guess the headline at the Time/CCN … Continue reading

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Information, Please

In the most recent issue of Backwoods Home magazine (which I highly recommend, BTW) a reader’s letter caught my eye. Headlined “Bleach ineffective as disinfectant above 100 [degrees],” the letter from Tim Sheehan of Rosharon, Texas points out that “[T]he … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 08/29/07

From the Reagan Diaries: Tuesday, June 16 [1981] Today was Press Conference. I don’t think I was very scintillating. […] It’s lonely. Nancy is in N.Y. for the Royal Ballet. I don’t like it here by myself. We have just … Continue reading

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