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I attempted to get some video of the lunar eclipse last night, since I was already awake for it anyway. Unfortunately, the moon is farther away than my videocamera’s autofocus mechanism can judge and from what I was able to … Continue reading

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Racism in the Seattle School District

Yeah, I can tell you’re all so shocked. I’ve posted in the past about how the Seattle School District has a blacks-only curriculum and school campus, with even an all black staff, called “The African American Academy”. I lived within a mile … Continue reading

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I think I can live with that

The AFL-CIO is out campaigning for support of the Levin-Rangel Bill (H.R. 2834), which would raise the taxes on all Capital Gains profits. I know that anytime I see either Levin’s or Rangel’s name on anything that it can’t be good. … Continue reading

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Capitalism works yet again! Since 2000, emissions of CO2 have been growing more rapidly in Europe, with all its capping and yapping, than in the U.S., where there has been minimal government intervention so far. As of 2005, we’re talking … Continue reading

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And I had such high hopes for him

I guess I’ll just have to learn to lower my expectations even further. Ban the Old Ways We are about to learn the meaning of “ethics” in the United Nations administration of Ban Ki-moon. Eight months after Secretary-General Ban took … Continue reading

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Didn’t they just recently get busted for stunts like this?

Liberal Party Attorney General for Ontario, Michael Bryant, is running a website called “No Gun No Funeral” which hopes to gather signatures it can use to try and pressure Canuck PM Stephen Harper into confiscating all the handguns in Canada. The … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 08/28/07

From the Reagan Diaries: Thursday, June 11 [1981] I feel like I’ve spent the day in the U.N. The morning was pretty well taken with a labor leader meeting…. Then it was the Ec. Advisory Council. Art Laffer dropped a … Continue reading

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