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I do so very much appreciate it

When a guy I’ve been laughing at for years finally writes something ignorant enough to get himself laughed at by nearly the entire blogosphere. Here is racist, and now sexist, hatemonger David Neiwert’s post on masculinity. And here is Jeff at … Continue reading

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Is it just me, or is TV getting better?

I’ve mentioned before that my wife and I don’t watch that much TV. Generally I’ll skim the NewsHour, but if there’s a good dramatic series we tend to find out about it after it starts, so we generally wait for … Continue reading

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In case you missed it

I know I nearly did. Constitutional Law Professors Eugene Volokh and Jack Balkin discuss the 1st and 2nd Amendment on video. Kewel.

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While I hate to question their judgement

I’m not so sure that this is the best use of union campaign dollars. The monetary return just isn’t there. Bob Krumm writes Having grown up in Cincinnati, the Delta Queen, is an icon for me.  The last “real” steamboat in … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day 08/21/07

We’ll take a momentary break from the Reagan Diaries. This one’s just too good to pass up. Robert Novak: Well, I think Bill Clinton was a minor league liar compared to Jimmy Carter. Carter would just lie for the sake … Continue reading

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