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Pardon the Parenthesis

It was either those or commas, and there would be entirely too many of them if I used those exclusively. Here’s the deal: My latest “new boss”, in her infinite wisdom, hired an incompetent. A Trust Fund baby, who hadn’t … Continue reading

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Not exactly what I’d call crumple zones

Even though “crumple” is exactly what they do. They just do it a bit too much. Back around the end of June I posted this on the topic of what the Democrats emmisions legislation would do to the safety of … Continue reading

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If they’d Have Just Left It Well Enough Alone

In California, a group called Californians for Equal Representation has sponored an inititive to change the way the state divides up it’s electoral college votes. Called “The Presidential Election Reform Act”, it would divide up 53 of the 55 EC … Continue reading

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Phony Baloney

If you listen or read any of the drivel the left spews about John Edwards, you’ll see that they have fully bought his altruistic pap. It is almost as if the idea of a man of his financial stature even … Continue reading

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Save the Date — August 28

The Brady Bunch wants to make that a day for anti-gun activities. Not so fast, say we civil rights advocates. On that day, the plan is for everyone who owns a gun or supports the 2nd Amendment to go to … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 08/20/07

From the Reagan Diaries: Sunday, April 19 — Easter A beautiful Easter morning. In the afternoon Rev. Louis Evans & his wife called and brought us communion. They made it a most meaningful day. Watched some TV in bed and … Continue reading

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