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That’s a pretty powerful ejector we’re using Over There in those M4s

…’cause this woman’s complaining that these cartridges put holes in her house. Oh wait, she calls them “bullets.” Ya don’t suppose there’s some confusion about fired vs. unfired bullets going on? And maybe a little deception? h/t Instapundit.

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Pacified Scots

There was a time when telling Scotsmen and women where they could enjoy a meal would have gotten you a swift kick in the balls. Sadly, that time has long since┬ápassed. Doctor and health workers have been banned from eating … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/15/07

I haven’t been keeping up with these lately, and to be perfectly honest, while I do have a few pages more of whacked-out eco-socialist quotes, I’m not sure that posting them would further the point I’ve attempted to make. Your … Continue reading

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She likes her men submissive

And she wants them all to stay that way. Dr. Helen posts about a “Fear of Manliness” in today’s American males and makes some suggestions as to how to, in my rather blunt phrasing, men can grab their balls out … Continue reading

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Who says that they will be voting for Hillary Clinton needs to have their head examined, in my opinion. But anyone who says that they will vote for her and who doesn’t wonder why Clinton’s people won’t release the two … Continue reading

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