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You’ve been warned

I’ve been posting quotes from the moral midgets in the “Animal Rights” community for months now. I took a couple weeks off from them to post a bit about how the recycling racket works and these quacks go off. The … Continue reading

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Please, help me out here

Maybe I’m just being unimaginative, but something I saw on the Lieberman-hating leftist FireDogLakeBlog has left me scratching my head. Pharmaceutical companies are data mining which doctors are prescribing what drugs. They are logging this information in their internal computors, … Continue reading

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You don’t say

I’d never believe it if I hadn’t read it. Except, of course, that it is a well known fact in the modern world. DDT Spray Scares Mosquitos Away, Study Says Mosquitoes that carry malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever avoid … Continue reading

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Market Theory 101

If no one wants what you’re selling, you won’t be in busness long. Liberal/Progressive talk radio station, Air America, found this out in rather short order. Now leftist screecher-creature, Stephanie Miller, who very recently¬†was telling anyone who would listen that … Continue reading

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