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I’ll never figure them out

Maybe I’m not supposed to. Legal first-generation immigrants of minority racial status, employed in unionized, “family-wage” vocations and the leftards at the University of Washington are demanding they lose their jobs. Read that again, then click this link to read about … Continue reading

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Exactly why I’m trying to get a transfer to Spokane

ID Sheriff: More Concealed Gun Permits Would Boost Public Safety The sheriff of a north-central Idaho county where a shooting rampage left four dead and three wounded last May wants more people to obtain concealed weapons permits and carry guns, … Continue reading

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Help will be given to those who are loyal to liberty

It saddens me to report that the true exodus from the British Isles is in full swing. 4000 people a week trying to leave UK Britain is facing a mass exodus of people looking to escape the crime and grime of … Continue reading

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Someone needs to go back to Civics class

Nicole Brodeur, Seattle Times Staff Columnist should be fired until she supplies her employers with proof that she has successfully completed a 12-grade public school Civics course. On Friday she wrote about the local grunge-rockers, Pearl Jam, getting a section … Continue reading

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Warning: Democracy in Danger

Part #1: The Washington State Supreme Court has agreed to hear the pro-tax argument against the anti-tax initiative I-960. I’ve written about it here and here and here. This could be very bad, with the court setting a precident on which Initiatives are against … Continue reading

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