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Small-Caliber Insanity

Just picked up a barrel for the T/C in .204 Ruger. Todd Kindler made me do it. The man is a purveyor of small-caliber disease. Reading an issue of his Small Caliber News these days will leave you itching to go out … Continue reading

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The Soundboard – Musical Accompaniment

While it does seem that I have stored my Reverend Horton Heat tunage so well that no one including myself can find it, I think that at least one of these will do for looking at today’s pics below. Top … Continue reading

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They drove the fenders right off these cars

Normally, someone I’d call a “Rat Bastard” wouldn’t be considered worthy of my company. I think I could bend that rule with these guys More flatheadedness and six-cylinder mills And a tri-powered Olds Rocket engine. Not too common these days. … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/09/07

MYTH 8: WITHOUT FORCED RECYCLING MANDATES, THERE WOULDN’T BE RECYCLING.  This view reflects ignorance about the extent of recycling in the private sector, which is as old as trash itself. Scavenging may, in fact, be the oldest profession. In the … Continue reading

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They warned you to stop eating beef

I would feel absolutely no surprise if this turns out to be the truth. Sabotage is suspected over Foot and Mouth The deliberate release of viral material, possibly in an act of sabotage, may have caused the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak, officials … Continue reading

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Porcine Aviation Alert

Professor Volokh points towards an MSNBC piece that is not only not the usual anti-gun fare, but actually seems to normalize firearm ownership. You can watch it by going here and scolling down the right sidebar to the “Photo Gallery with … Continue reading

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And their tax dollars will subsidize it

A program mandating that schoolchildren wear sunglasses is catching on in Aussie-land. There was a time when wearing sunglasses would have been seen as too cool for school, but for pupils at a pioneering primary in Australia they are now … Continue reading

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