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Wagon Wednesday

The wife is a big fan of station wagons, as can be shown by her purchase of what is coming to be known as the “222 Wagon”. I like wagons as well, I just have other priorities in my classic … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/08/07

MYTH 7: RECYCLING SAVES RESOURCES It is widely claimed that recycling “saves resources.” Proponents usually focus on savings of a specific resource, or they single out particularly successful examples such as the recycling of aluminum cans. But using less of … Continue reading

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I need to make a correction

Sorry, but once again, I saw an AP story which was written improperly and must correct it before I can get it out of my head. The story, found at Ravenwood’s is as follows: House OKs taxes on oil companies … Continue reading

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Terminologically Challenged

One of the bones of contention that exists among vets is the terminology “”veteran” and “era veteran”. An example: Local talk show host Bryan Suits, veteran of the Gulf War, Bosnia and now OIF, caught Washington Rep. “Baghdad Jim” McDermott publically … Continue reading

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The guy may have low approval ratings

But they aren’t going dowhill. And neither will a number of former customers at a popular ski resort in Colorado. A backlash quickly emerged after the Telluride Town Council adopted a resolution last week calling for the impeachment of President … Continue reading

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