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Tudor Tuesday

More pics from Saturday’s Hot Rod-A-Rama I do love flatheads, though just for cruising I also love tri-power (correction: Six-Packed) OHV mills Though I could have done without the neon accent colors, the rest of this car was gorgeous Just about the … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/07/07

MYTH 6: RECYCLING ALWAYS PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT Recycling is a manufacturing process with environmental impacts. Viewed across a wide spectrum of goods, recycling sometimes cuts pollution, but not always. The EPA has examined both virgin paper processing and recycled paper … Continue reading

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Its still Bush’s fault, ya know

With all the wailing and gnashing of teeth going on about people over-extending their finances and losing the homes they never could have afforded in the first place, I’m very surprised the Dems haven’t mounted a serious attack to use tax-dollars … Continue reading

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Coming to a School Near You

I’m sure there are plenty of people with the title of “Public School Teacher” who will see nothing wrong with doing this in your neck of the woods Angry parents have blasted a teacher for telling ten-year-olds to copy a … Continue reading

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A Careful Misdirection

Lynne Varner writes about writes a lie in the the Seattle Times. She starts out speaking on the rather unfortunate Farm Bill, which for some reason deals more with Food Stamps and School lunches than it does farming, and then moves into taxing … Continue reading

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Even if you don’t leave the house every day, and even if you don’t have a television, as a resident of the tri-county area in western Washington, you will be hit with multiple advertisements to promoting mass transit. All you … Continue reading

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Not the best way to get your point across

I mean, no one has heard of Fred Phelp’s group gaining membership, now have they? And yet the pro-illegal immigration jackesses protested in front of Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman’s home the day before his father’s funeral. A few hundred protesters … Continue reading

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