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Lincolns and Caddys and T-Birds, Oh My!

Alternate post title: Feels like an episode of Perry Mason All this week I’ll be posting pics from the most excellent Mischief Maker’s Hot Rod-A-Rama I attended this weekend. I have, waay too many pics to post but I’ll get to as … Continue reading

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I got that itchy feeling

Like I’ve had one too many energy drinks. Actually, I’ve had it since a couple days after the last Potter book hit the shelves. But now two things have got me in full-on Condition Orange. When David was up here for Boomershoot … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/06/07

Day 1, Week 2. Part 5 of PERC’s Recycling Rubbish MYTH 5: WE SQUANDER IRREPLACEABLE RESOURCES WHEN WE DON’T RECYCLE In fact, available stocks of most natural resources are growing rather than shrinking, but the reason is not recycling. Market … Continue reading

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Missed by a hair

The NY Governor was very close to signing the worst piece of pro-welfare boondoggle legislation in a decade. Luckily for the NY State Taxpayers, he never put pen to paper. Chiding lawmakers for ignoring “the realities of the marketplace,” Governor … Continue reading

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Its funny cause its true

Saw this editorial cartoon at DANEgerus and laughed my ass off

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Whadda Maroon!

As I mentioned last week, Stephan Sharkansy’s I-25 got many thousands of signatures and, provided that Ron Sim’s election office eventually gets around to unneccessarily confirming every single one of the signatures, it will be on the ballot this November. … Continue reading

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