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Have they seen a mouse

I’m a bit disturbed by the Repub Presidential candidates not going forth and being part of the next CNN/YouTube debate. Sure, less than 25% of the populace even bothers to watch them this early in the race, but c’mon, just … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/01/07

Day #3 and Myth #3 from PERC  MYTH 3: PACKAGING IS OUR PROBLEM Contrary to current wisdom, packaging can reduce total rubbish produced. The average household in the United States generates one third less trash each year than does the … Continue reading

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Wings aren’t the only things Buffalo have in common with ducks

Apparently, they also can not fart. One of the points that the vegetarians and their Global Warming DeathCult cohorts like to team up with is that because American’s like their beef, we raise these immense herds of cattle. These herds put … Continue reading

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Put this in your “Keeper Links” file

Uncle points us towards an excellent round-up of the NOLA gun confiscation tale.  

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