Over the Weekend

This is a hand drawn swastika flag that replaced a stolen American Flag


Here are a few more.


This is fecal matter smeared on the marker upon the grave of Major Neil N MacLachlan (USAF)


And this is a picture of the recovered stolen and burned American Flags that previously adroned the graves of our fallen soldiers who now reside in Woodlawn Cemetary on Orcas Island, WA.


Vandals twice attacked Veterans’ graves in Woodlawn Cemetery on Orcas Island this Memorial Day weekend, burning American flags and placing swastika-bearing flags in their place.

“It was an outrage,” said said Bob Folk, a Vietnam Vet and former American Legion Post 93 commander. “Just the thought of doing it…”

“This crime is an outrage to every veteran, veteran’s family, friends of their family, and the community as a whole,” San Juan County Sheriff Bill Cumming said in a statement released Monday, May 28. “This is not an act of free speech, this is a crime.”

Forty-six flags were stolen and 33 were burned with their remnants still attached to their small standards. Fourteen of the American flags were replaced with flags on sheets of paper bearing hand-made swastikas.

Legionnaires and their friends rounded up flags to replace the missing and charred flags. “We had a enough to put back up Sunday evening,” Folk said.

A cemetery caretaker remained in the area and watched the cemetery until 4 a.m. Monday morning. A short time later it was discovered that the vandals struck again, cutting up flags and replacing 33 of them with the hand-drawn swastika flags.

Most of the available small flags on Orcas were marking graves at other cemeteries, stolen or destroyed but that didn’t deter the Legionnaires from honoring their fellow vets. “We printed up 100 flags and made sticks for them and put them on the graves,” Folk said.

“People went out there way to get things accomplished so it could be as best as we could do,” Folk said. “We feel we have to pay our respects.”

Anyone with information about the persons who planned and carried out this crime are asked to contact the sheriff’s office at 360.378.4151.

Don’t bother calling and telling them that the perps smell of patchoulli and porbably have dreds. They’v efigured that out already.

Just as an FYI: The people who live on the chain of islands which Orcas Island is a part of and who voted in the 2004 Democrat Presidential Primary voted in a near singular majority for Dennis Kucinich to be the party’s candidate.

I’m just waiting for local hate-monger, David Neiwert, to come out and tell us that this was done by neo-nazis and not by Sheehan-lving anti-war types.

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  1. Chris says:

    Until someone is apprehended, it’s all speculation as to who did this horrible crime. Jumping to conclusions on who the perps are based on assumed stereotypes does nothing but spread hate.

    For all we know, it was a rogue group of kids with no political ties. Lord knows I went to school with kids that did dumb stuff (like create pipe bombs and set them off in a residential neighbor) for no reason at all.

  2. BobG says:

    Whoever did it deserves a little quality private time with some of the local veterans; I think the vets could find a way to convince them it was a bad idea before they dropped them off at the local hospital.

  3. EricWS says:

    So Chris, Northwestern anti-war types have shown a propensity for burning flags, using excrement, and calling American soldiers various types of fascists, see the last round of anti-war protests in Portland, with the loon taking a dump on a burning US flag.

    But even though the area is full of very Left, very anti-war types, and those same Very Left anti-war types use shit, flaming American flags(without regard to whose flag it is), and Nazi epithets to describe the US military, we should not assume a connection in this case?

    As for spreading hate, I do not hate anti-war types. I hold them in contempt, there is a difference. These people are immature, egocentric twits who have no clue how good their lives actually are. I hope they are caught, go to jail, and that the experience is unpleasant enough that they learn to leave the memories of our veterans, and other peoples’ property alone.

    And Chris, if your first thought was that teenagers did this, and not Evergreen State type loons, you have issues.

  4. Chris says:

    Then by your logic, I am not a loon as that is not what I said. “For all we know” does not equal “my first thought”. It was an example; one of many I could have made. We do not know yet who did this, so saying that the person(s) who committed this crime “smelled of patchouli and had dreds” is as asinine as saying it was a neo-nazi. And unless you have access to evidence that the general public hasn’t been told, you can’t either.

    I’d be happy to read any links you can provide that show “very Left, very anti-war types…[that] use shit, flaming American flags.” The only web article I could find was about that group of Anarchists (NOTE: Not Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Socialists, etc.) that live in and around Portland…Probably the same group that started a riot in Seattle in 1999. I don’t agree with their views or methods and they should be punished if they break any laws.

    But ERICWS, if lumping everyone that doesn’t agree with our current occupation in Iraq as an anti-war nut who wants to destroy America helps you see the world as “us vs. them” or “good vs. evil” and lets you sleep at night, then so be it. I’m fairly certain I won’t be able to change your view. Just remember, there are members of ALL political parties that are for and against the war. The world just isn’t Black and White (to coin a phrase).

    For the record, I have family and friends in the service. And what happened was a disgrace to the Holiday, to the servicemen, to their memories, and to America. And when the prep is found, they should be punished for what they did. I’ll hold my judgment for what type of person did this after they are arrested.

  5. EricWS says:

    So Chris, the fact that anti-war types – Code Pink, ANSWER, etc. did not want us in Afghanistan either and are thus anti-war not anti-Iraq war – have called for US troops to “shoot their own officers”, and supported people like Jesse Macbeth who have spread slanderous lies about the military does NOT mean that those people are unpatriotic?

    What is patriotic about their actions? Their words?

    As for lumping them all together, when people who have concerns with how this war is being fought, or whether our presence there is appropriate do not stand next to people who scream how the “Jooooss” made us get into the war, or about how it is only being fought for oil, maybe I will view them differently. But as the old adage goes, “lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”

    And when did I say that those opposed to this war were evil, Chris?

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