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No QotD today, instead I’m going to partially explain my abusing of the 5.56 cartridge during the earlier part of the week. I say only “partially” because something new has developed and the original plan has changed into something bigger and better.

So, I’ve been abusing the 5.56’s use in the Mil-Spec platform because even though I find the rifle an abjectly horrible firearm for nearly any use (not for the reasons Zumbo laid out in his lifechanging screed, but in a fit, form and function sort of way), I decided that I had better get it out of my system before I let another one enter my abode.

Yes, I will be getting a new Stoner rifle in my home soon.

Those that know me will know why the rifle is repugnant to me, the rest of y’all will have to wait to find out. I am still nailing down some particulars of the deal, though I should be done by tomorrow. This deal is so fuckin’ cool, you will probably want to think about doing this yourself. It is nothing you can buy into and I’m not getting special prices, so hold your emails.

I haven’t been this excited about getting a new gun in a while.

And since I mentioned Jim Zumbo above, did you know that he reads RNS?

That is about all I can gather after reading this in GunWeek

But the disaster to his career has not made Zumbo want to run and hide, though many of his critics say he should. Instead, Zumbo is going to use this experience to become what he hopes will be the worst nightmare that gun-grabbing politicians and gun control activists could imagine.

“I want to join the fight, do whatever it takes,” he said in earnest. “Let’s educate the other dumb people like me who didn’t know about AR-15s. I will lead that charge.

“I’m stupid,” he added, admitting that he has never had what some people might call a “fascination” with firearms. “From my ignorance, let’s enlighten everyone else.”

Zumbo said he could have retired a year ago, and he could do likewise today, but in his heart, he feels a responsibility to square himself, and use his energies to unite the hunting and shooting fraternities, which do not always see eye-to-eye, even in this controversy.

“I want to come out of this and make our gun and hunting community a better place, a more understanding place,” he said. “Within our community, some hunters don’t understand shooters, and some shooters don’t understand hunters…I have got to fix this.”

In the above link to my previous post, I asked him to hit the road when he got done with Uncle Ted, and spread the word that the 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting. I got my wish and if it wasn’t for the anti-Bill of Rights dweebles using Zumbo’s interweb spanking for fodder, I say that this was a 100% good thing.

I’ll take the 95% thing right now, though.

GunWeek link found at Alphecca. Who, btw, has a new look and a new publishing platform.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    Since you hate the 5.56 with a purple passion, and rightly so (no zumbo-jumbo here-either!), you could only be getting either an AR-10 in the more manly 7.62X51, or the acceptable AR-47, or even an AR-15 with interchangeable magwells.

    Fine idea, if’n you’re made of money. I wasn’t, and wanted a light carbine in 7.62X39, so I got the Mini-30.

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