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Life moves pretty fast: Updated

When you’re trying to make it slow down. Some folks may have noticed that I’m not my normal, everyday, chipper self as of late. The cussin’ has gotten to a point where it is starting to elicit emails, so I … Continue reading

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Betcha Won’t Hear About This in the News

Just another reason why TSA shouldn’t be unionized. This morning, my brother, a doctor, drove from his home near Lake Tahoe to the Sacramento airport to catch a commuter flight to San Francisco Airport, where he had another flight to … Continue reading

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The Sounboard: Non-Honkey Edition

Warning: Contains Explicit Jive I got this in the mail a couple weeks back and this mix album, along with another that I may showcase in the near future is all that I have been listening to on the way … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 03/29/07

It’s a doozy. “Our culture is important, and we’re willing to pay for it. We have above-average educations, above-average incomes and almost nonexistent criminal involvement. We pay far more in taxes and receive virtually no subsidy payments. You’d think Washington … Continue reading

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Mystery Machine: Day 2

Here you go with another pic. Best guesses came yesterday with everyone guessing getting it right (which is why I modified their answers). For y’all who didn’t play yesterday, take a looksee here and try to guess what it is. … Continue reading

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