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RNS Quote of the Day: 03/26/07

Yes, I have been slacking in the QotD Department. My apologies. All work and no play makes me forget that I have these things stacked up. This week we’ll be posting about the failings of our military’s current service cartridge … Continue reading

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By Ourselves, For Ourselves: Part 4

And with a fresh new week comes a fresh new post. If you have not yet read the first few installments, I suggest you do so as it will be of help in understanding just where this is coming from. … Continue reading

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The Party of Gun Control

They say they aren’t. Their supporters will deny it until the cows come home by themselves. But the fact remains that the Democratic Party is not. They are The Party of Gun Control. If they supported the Right to Keep … Continue reading

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Being a Conformist Pays Off in Washington

The drivers who work at my place of employ are all Teamsters. They get paid a more than fair amount of money for what they do, even in relation to the cost-of-living in or near King County (which is like … Continue reading

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Nanny! Nanny!

This is to let you know that our lavatory seat is broken and we can’t get BBC2.  Anonymous Britisher to his town council Must be a shitty channel if your toilet seat is the antenna. Seriously though, this is just … Continue reading

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