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The Soundboard: Things to Back Away From Edition

Example #1: On my way home from work this morning I witnessed something every driver should recognize and stay away from. Three vehicles travelling in the two southbound lanes of the SR (State Route) Highway. Occupying the left lane by … Continue reading

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Divided they fall

Right into ugly politics, 22 months before the election. This ad made it’s debut either last week or over the weekend. Click and watch. (You Mac freaks will enjoy the sentimentality) Yes, it features Hillary Clinton, so you may need … Continue reading

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Only in Washington

I think Rodger is going to be fuelling his B-52 up and making a run over Olympia. Better tell my mom to duck. Found at┬áKisP yesterday JUST SAY NO to the Rafah/Olympia sister city proposal. Rafah is NOT anything like … Continue reading

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