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Wednesday Movie Review

Friend and co-worker, Paul, lent this movie to me a while back and I watched it shortly thereafter, I have just been forgetting to¬†post about it here. HBO’s Dirty War I don’t do reviews very well, so here is the … Continue reading

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Because everyone wants to pay $4 a gallon

HR-1500: To provide for the stabilization of prices for gasoline, and for other purposes Ooh-kay, let’s see here: We’ve got¬†government mandated price controls, mandated specialty blends of fuel, bans on exporting oil from the US, and last but not least, … Continue reading

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Your papers, citizen.

Methinks something stinks about this The old logging town of Forks is filled with independent-minded folks who “live in the middle of nowhere. And want to keep it that way,” jokes the mayor. So it didn’t go over so well … Continue reading

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