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The Law that Leaked, Part 6

More LTL goodness below the fold:

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The Law that Leaked, Part 7

The rest of today’s episode is below the fold:

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Monday Gun Linkage

So much stuff that I couldn’t blog them separately. First up (because it is the most important): Jerry the Geek is sending up flares over Oregon Senate Bill 1012, and you should run, not walk to read his post on … Continue reading

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The State Is Not Your Friend

I currently have this as my background screen on my home PC. I have had it on my work PC at times. I snagged it from The Walls of Samizdata  Friends and co-workers have asked what the hell it means. I … Continue reading

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Your One Stop Shop

For all things about “The Law That Leaked” If you didn’t stop by over the weekend to read David’s “The Law That Leaked” posts, then man, you missed out. But, I’m here for ya, pal. I’m putting them all into one … Continue reading

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Well, of course they are

They’re money hungry pigs. State to join drive to tax online sales Washington will join other states pushing to have Internet and catalog companies collect and distribute sales taxes. The state House voted 76-15 Friday to authorize the state to … Continue reading

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The Proper Disposal of Trolls

Here at RNS, we are remarkably devoid of the vile beasts known as trolls. This is both good and bad for a multitude of reason I won’t bother to go into. It is quite odd that the side of the political … Continue reading

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When I say “Chocolate Jackass”

Who is the first person to cross your mind? If you said New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin, you will an early chocolate Easter rabbit. To claim the prize, go to your local retailer who is selling the item and buy it … Continue reading

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