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It is about that time

I’ve been slacking a bit (OK, a lot) in announcing that Random Nuclear Strikes will be making a Staff Event Trip to Boomershoot in a little less than a month. For those who don’t know what Boomershoot is, hie thee … Continue reading

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To the bone

As was mentioned briefly last week, I’m somewhat short of time as of late. Friday was the last day of employ for my co-worker, known at RNS as “Tits McGhee”. “Tits” finally got the Active Guard Reserve spot she wanted … Continue reading

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Somebody call the Whaaa-ambulance!

Because AmericaBlog’s “Chris in Paris” thinks we need deadly little pinch-boxes over here. Only 2 super-efficient cars available in US compared to 113 in Europe Doggone socialists have all of the choices while the free market US economy has only … Continue reading

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But oddly enough, it is exactly what I expected of them. Children of 11 to be fingerprinted Children aged 11 to 16 are to have their fingerprints taken and stored on a secret database, internal Whitehall documents reveal. The leaked … Continue reading

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