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Yesterday I mentioned that the new Dem Majority was going to tweak a couple rules to keep the Repubs from messing with their agenda. No one must have been surprised because no one had anything to say about it.

I just hope that someone other than me has something to say about this:

The Employee Free Choice Act (S 842 and HR 1696)

Here is the pdf, and here is the website, but just left me summarize it for you:

Card checks for union memberships are now national law. If a union can lie their way to get 50% + 1 employee to sign a card, there is no vote for union establishment, the business is now a union shop.

A federal moderator forces the business to take what the union is offering. There are strict and quite short times allowed for negotiations between the business and the union. All the union has to do is stand it’s ground and tell the feds that the business is being uncooperative, and the business gets stepped on by the feds.

If a business so much as holds a meeting asking the non-union supporting employees to not sign a card, they can be federally fined for intimidation. Also, any pro-union employee who gets fired before the business goes union, whether it be for insubordination or the failing a drug test, is allowed to bring the feds in to put the business representative under a microscope for intimidation.

Hell, just making the guy take a drug test, even if he was randomly chosen by an outside testing agency (as is done at my place of employ) can be grounds for filing an anti-union suit which will bring the feds in.

But the worst part of this bill is that is a lie. Even just the title is a lie.

Any bill called “The Employee Free Choice Act” that was honestly and actually pro-free choice for all employees would create a nation-wide right-to-work.

But this bill doesn’t give a rat’s ass about people who are tired of padding the pockets of the union bosses. Nor does it care about people whose union dues are used to fund politicians that actively work against their Constitutional Rights.

Or how about the Washington State teachers who were not members of the teacher’s union, who then got swept up by (Barely) Governor Gregiore and were forced to join or lose their jobs? Some of them had spent 20+ years teaching without union representation and with a stroke of her pen, boom, their rights to make choices about their employment are gone in favor of whatever the union wants.

Call your Senators and Representatives. This legislation cannot be allowed to see the light of day.

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2 Responses to Keep Your Eyes Open

  1. Steve says:

    One word: Walmart. Proselytizing socialism to one million employees could tip the scales in close elections the “D” way.

    If it does make it through both houses of Congress and doesn’t get vetoed, let me be the first to call for “Universal Keel-Hauling”.

    They should call it the Creating Economic Ruin Act of 2007.

  2. Michael says:

    It looks like they are trying to find away to get more money to the war chest. I know that most union work places donate regardless of your personal standings to the Dems. I also glad that I live in the South and it is still pretty non-union for now. But I will be sending emails out to Chamblis and Price just to make sure.

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