Gettin’ Ink

Kind of.

Over the last weekend, our good man of the pins and plates, Mr. Completely, sent yours truly an email invite to take part in a conference call with some of my Washington State Republican Legislators. Whether it was me sending my request to the wrong place or that they stopped by RNS and thought something was wrong with my brain, I never got “da hook-up, yo.”

Since it sounds as though the Repubs are planning on making up a list of right-of-center bloggers to invite to these types of shindigs, I’ll try again and attempt to make into the next one.

Mr. C was able to catch the attention of Adam Wilson, reporter for “The Olympian”.

For instance, a blogger from Island County named Mike rapped with Ericksen about automatic versus semi-automatic guns before things got going.

“There’s a couple of bills in the hopper that are ugly, to say the least,” said Mike.

“I think everybody aught to access to those automatic weapons,” said Ericksen, explaining he didn’t think they are any more dangerous than a semi-auto.

And Deputy Leader Representative Doug Ericksen of Ferndale is correct, they are not more dangerous than any semi-automatic firearm.

Also from the Wilson Olympian Blog comes some of the reasoning why the WA Repubs are finally catching on to bloggers.

Because they need to:

The Republicans, outnumbered 62-36, outlined an agenda that included what you might expect, caps on tax increases, calls for restraint in spending, getting tough on crime, etc. An interesting item was a mandatory wait time of a week before voting on the budget. We’ll be hearing more about it as the session goes on. The news, at least to this newspaper, was the crowd.

If the Republicans thought the professional press, or the paid reporters, weren’t going to give their minority any ink, they appeared to be about right. So they’re talking to people who will listen.

We will listen if the WA Repubs return the favor.

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  1. Howdy Phil! Thanks for the pluggeroo…. I suspect there will be more conference calls, and some other things we were talking about in the works. I’ll keep you posted. Is your email working? I’ve sent a couple your way and haven’t heard back ,so I might be getting stuck in your spam catcher. Send me an email and I will reply to it to see if everything is working.

    ……. Mr. C.

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