Seattle has had a Preview

I did a little research on the gun-bigot sponsors of the legislation mentioned in this post from yesterday.

Listed at the top of SB 5475 are Senators Kline and Kohl-Welles, also known as Senator Adam Kline from the 37th Legislative District and Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles from the 36th Legislative District.

Both of these districts are in Seattle, with Sen. Kline repping the Madrona, Rainier Beach and Rainier Valley neighborhoods, while Sen. Kohl-Welles reps for the Blue Ridge, Ballard, Magnolia and Queen Anne neighborhoods.

Sen. Kline is a former personal injury and civil rights lawyer who comes highly recommended by several civil rights activist groups, though notably absent are groups who focus on the civil right that makes all the others possible.

Senator Kohl Welles, on the other hand, seems to be directly in the pocket of Washington professional gun bigot group Ceasefire Washington. Over the past few years, she has focused her attention on any and every idea that the anti-gun lobbyists can think of; from the “Gun Show Loophole” to “Safe Storage” laws to creating a “Firearms Ballistic Database” and requests that a “National Database for Ammunition Identification” be created. She has even tried to go directly against the Washington State Supreme Court after they overwhelmingly approved a citizen’s right to carry a firearm into the State Capital Building.

Part of this, I believe, stems from the area she reps for. Each of the seperate neighborhoods she represents have reputations for low crime, with most folks describing them as “over-policed”. Just about any crime in the Magnolia higher than a car prowl is so rare as to be newsworthy. The State Supreme Court Justice who left a party and tried to DUI it a few blocks to her house was in Magnolia.

Senator Kline’s area, with the exception of Madrona, are Seattle’s high crime neighborhoods. I used to live right on the western edge of his district and was calling SPD every two to three weeks to have them come get the stripped stolen vehicle off the street in front of my house. It is also the center of most of the city’s gang activity.

I’m sure that Kline thinks he is doing his constituents some good with sponsoring this, but it just goes to show how ignorant and bigoted he is.

I mention all of this because at the beginning of this year, Seattle’s mandatory recycling program started. This December 31st is the last day of “warnings” for folks who don’t comply with the “less than 10% of recyclable materials in the trash” rule. As of Jan 01, 2007, there will be fines issued to homeowners and businesses who do not meet with the city inspector’s (yes, they have “trash inspectors” now) approval.

There is no word as to what they will do if you do not pay your trashy recycle fines, but it would not surprise to hear that someone was going to jail for not paying them. Hell, as a former resident of the city, it would not surprise me to hear about someone having their home seized for not paying them.

While Kline and Kohl-Welles had nothing to do with the madatory recycling program, their insistence upon writing and/or backing every single anti-gun provision that floats down the sewer of the State Legislature mirrors the attitude shows towards the subjects of Seattle by their government.

If they think of it, it must be for your own good.

I do not use those words lightly. They are verbatim of the advertizing campaign. You can find the previous posts where I talk about this here. And if you like the stories of my run-ins with the local eco-socialists, try this one out.

Link to Oregonian story found at Just Some Poor Schmuck

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3 Responses to Seattle has had a Preview

  1. GunGeek says:

    Someone could have some real fun by opening someone’s trash can and putting a bunch of recyclables right on top where they can be easily seen by the trash inspector.

    We used to worry when we lived in NJ because our neighbor would always put the trash that wouldn’t fit in his can in ours. He asked first if he could do it after we put it to the curb (so he knew we were done loading it) and promised not to put anything in it that would get us in trouble with the trash nazis, but it still made me a little bit nervous.

    If you really wanted to have some fun, make the recyclables something embarassing. You know, fat lady porno magazines or something.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    No offense to Some Poor Schmuck, but we need to start discouraging the bloggers who wrap their blogs in registration schemes.

    When Kim duToit did that, I stopped commenting AND linking to his site.

    This “registration” business is very insidious, Phil, and those who support it can easily be said to support controls on bloggers, and does it really matter if the controls are self-imposed or government-imposed?

    Let’s just let them slip away.

    That’s really best.

  3. DFWMTX says:

    Funny that the most anti-gun sentiment occurs at the edges of a bell curve. The two groups that support gun confiscation control are the wealthy who can either afford their own security detail or have the political clout to order more police into their area (you Magnolia area) or those in high crime areas who see criminal gun use on a constant basis. Those of us in the middle class – with enough money to buy our own self-defense arms but not enough money or politcal clout to get extra security personnel- are left at the mercy of the edges of the curve.
    A populist movement, encouraging self-defense amongst middle & lower class, railing against (liberal) elitists who on one hand squander police protection for their areas while on the other hand disarming legal citizens to leave them at the mercy of criminals would be a good thing. Includ George Orwell’s quote about the rifle on thew workingman’s wall being a symbol of democracy.

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