Imperialism in Action

While the left cries about American Imperialism and mocks our efforts to hand democracy off to nations that have never seen it, their model of diplomacy, Fwance, is killing people with aircraft delivered munitions in central Africa.

French fighter jets bombed a rebel-held town in Central African Republic on Thursday, and rebels pulled troops out of another town after fighting with government forces, a rebel official said.


Central African Republic, a poor country of 3.6 million people in the heart of Africa, has been ravaged by coups and army mutinies since independence from France in 1960. Unrest in Sudan’s Darfur, which neighbors the country, has added to instability in both the Central African Republic and Chad.

Numerous other right-wing blogs have noted that no one is holding their breath in waiting for world-wide outrage at France extending it’s foreign policy in a far away continent. Which is good, because we’d only end up with a lot of people in the hospital from attempted self-induced asphyxiation.

But the world is only silent because, of course (and thankfully), France is not America.

While this story is really nothing to laugh at, I did actually laugh when I read what I could only guess was the punchline:

Yao said rebel forces pulled out of Ouadda fearing a French onslaught.

Who ever guessed that they’d ever see those last two words in that particular order?

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