So deep in denial

They’re digging their way to China.

Which is appropriate, because they want to suppress the facts in the same manner that that country’s government does.

I am speaking, of course, about the Iraqi “6 Burned Alive in Iraq” story, which was given legs when it was told by the folks in-country who work with the police in that district that no such officer as was sourced by the AP existed. (for those coming late tot he party, just head over to Malkin’s place to catch up).

Now CENTCOM is officially stating that they know of no such person as was sourced by the AP.

The left wing blogosphere, on the other hand, would rather just take the AP’s swearing on a stack of NYT Sunday Editions at face value.

John Avarosis declares “Iraq is Dead”

David Neiwert says that anyone who denies the burning deaths story is “Flagrantly Delusional”

Oliver Willis (Occupation: Toole) calls folks on the right who believe and write about CENTCOM having never heard of this police Captain “The most recent infraction against sanity”

If you can only stand to follow one of those links, make it the one to Willis’ place. It takes not a half a dozen comments before people start in with the racial bigotry. Tolerant folks over there, I tell ya.

But the fun really starts when Oliver’s usual peanut gallery start charging that the bigots are actually visiting folks on the right making Ollie’s regulars look bad.

I swear, its like a micro-sized soap opera over there.

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  1. Steve says:

    The original AP story said FOUR mosques were burned, but without acknowledging that it was faulty, they went down to ONE.

    But they stand by their story. Awesome.

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