I love it when a plan comes together

I also like it when I can say I’ve made a decision.

For those not here last week (tsk,tsk), I began a search for a new Main Battle Rifle (MBR) in preparation of the high probablilty of the new Congress’ sending new anti-gun legislation down the pike in the near future.

I first started with the venerable M1A, my all time favorite. However, due to issues consisting of initial cost, cost of accessories, and finally the availability and cost of parts, I decided that unless I win a moderate sized lottery, an M1A would not be in my future.

I that same linked post I asked folks of their opinions of the other two leading MBRs on the market: the FN/FAL and the HK91/G3 (and both of their various clones).

After some cosideration that included emailing a number of other bloggers whom I remembered having current expreience with said models, I have come to a decision.

Hello G3. You will be mine.

Factoring initial cost, reliability, parts availablility and cost and accessories availability and cost, the HK91/G3 won hands down. More specifically, the G3 clone made by JLD Enterprises, the PTR 91 , has won my money. An American made rifle, built on HK licensed equipment to original German specs. I have heard nothing bad about them from anyone: owners, friends of owners or dealers. Plus, by buying the PTR, you can still get into a new one for under ten Franklins (six of them if you’re willing to take a chance with a CETME), the mags are just about everywhere and the price reflects that, See-Thru/QD scope mounts are available and not too expensive and parts availability is good with prices varying from low-cost to average.

In addition, a guy who comes highly regarded from other folks I’ve talked to and read, the writer Boston T. Party, regards the G3 very highly, with people like MKH100 at AlphaRubicon paraphrasing him saying “It just doesn’t break.” I’ve seen Boston T’s name around in various circles before and during this search and have asked folks about him. Like I said before, he is highly regarded and I think I can take his opinion at face value. Check out some of the other links at AlphaRubicon main page when you get a moment. 

This weekend should see me ordering/buying my first one. And if I have any luck at all, I should be able to make this customized PTR91 my latest aquisition


I’ll post again when I know the financials on Friday AM.

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7 Responses to I love it when a plan comes together

  1. Steve says:

    I have no info on it but the “paratrooper” with the collapsing stock looks cool:

    That’s purely on looks.

  2. emdfl says:

    That’s a nice shooter; too bad it’s not a FAL, heh, heh.

  3. Rivrdog says:

    You’ll love the G-3, if my appreciation of my CETME is any indication.

    Get a good manual, preferably a video of just how you take down that bolt, then put it back together, then GET IT BACK IN THE DAMN RECEIVER. I did that without a video, and only the bare-bones CETME manual to guide me. It has photos shot in the dark, it seems.

    The tricky thing is those roller cams, and making sure they are free to travel in their range. The secret is to use PLENTY of spray lube to hose that end of the bolt out with.

    Also, the bolt MUST be seated with a firm slam of the bolt return spring. Anything less than the max slam will result in no fire. Once you get this rifle rolling, you’ll feel like you’re playing with a 10-22 or other fun gun, so keep PLENTY of 7.62X51 on hand.

    Welcome to the German battle-rifle world, Mein Herr!

  4. Darrell says:

    I have a PTR91, great rifle. Sarco had ’em on sale a while back, $595 for the basic version, as I recall. I put a muzzle brake on myself. The gun does tend to shoot itself dirty. If you’re into reloading, it can mangle brass, too. I’ve been using the South African surplus, pity it seems to have gone away, great ammo too.

  5. Bob1 says:

    Have you looked at Robinson Armament’s M96 expeditionary rifle?


  6. Phil says:

    Heya Steve, I’ve looked at the collapable stock guns, and while I agree they look cool, my long monkey arms don’t agree with the LoP. But that doesn’t mean I’ve ruled out the possibility of getting one in the future.

    EM, if I could get over the metric/inch parts snafu those rifles come with, along with the ergonomics, I’d be on the FAL clones like stink on shit.

    RD, already got the DVD in my favorites file for ordering shortly after the rifle arrives. I’m getting quite a library of them it seems.

    Darrell, I so wish I had been in the market for a MBR when these rifles were that price. I’m having trouble sitting due to the self-ass-kicking I did this weekend.

    I have actually looked at the M96 in the past. They’re nice, but a bit pricey. That and they’re .223. Not an MBR caliber. But again, that doesn’t rule out a purchase in the future.

  7. emdfl says:

    Heck, I’ve got an all-inch, all-metric and an inch/metric built by the angry beavers of Century. All you do is buy metric mags for the metric(really cheap), inch mags for the inch(NOT really cheap) and metrics for the Century angry beaver build. Now I’m working on a para-build model.
    Got to admit, though, that I’ve considered a CETME/G-3 clone several times myself.

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