Going Places

Seeing things.

Hello everyone. I recently got back from my usual stops during the Halloween season and am pretty sure you might like to know what I saw there.

For those who don’t know, I take a break from the Occidental Tush Institute during the Halloween holiday and travel to Japan to witness their celebrations. I do this because like just about everything American, the Japanese put 110% into it, with entire city centers going gangbusters with the revelry.

I also go because my profession lends me to be the recipient of the most interesting of party invites.

It is never the same from year to year, with certain fads lending the folks there to make sure they have not only an excellent costume, but also to see that theirs is the hipest. I’ve spoken to people who have changed their costumes two or three times, sometimes within just a day or two of the holiday.

I’ve got enough pics for two days of display, so let us begin

Of course, the Race Queens were out in force. They were all in character too. They made sure their faces were seen, meaning they wouldn’t turn around.

Race Queens.jpg

The number of Kittens at each party were numerous. I was able to get this one into the kitchen with the promise of a saucer full of cream.

Kat 2.jpg

You might also think that the nation of Japan were having some sort of national health crisis what with all the nurses running about. This young RN even had her own rolling tray and led me to a room where she squeezed something while I coughed ever so slightly.

Nurse 1.jpg

One of the oddest costumes I saw was this girl. Can anyone guess who she is supposed to be?

MC Wannabe.jpg

If you guessed Mariah Carey, you win. I did, but only because I worked with the real Ms. Carey¬†earlier this year. I think you’d like to get the prize I won.

See you all tomorrow. Professor Booty out.

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